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Therapeutic Massage Center

on Prentice, LLC

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Welcome to our website!

Nancy Fiegen, C.M.T.


Evan Stock, C.M.T.


Jane Gislason, C.M.T.


Raindrop Therapy  using

Young Living Essential Oils


Lisa Streich, Certified Zumba Instructor


Committed to our client's health, wellness, & sense of well-being.

*Relieves mental and physical fatigue for renewed energy and ambition.

*Helps relieve muscle spasm, tension, stiffness, and inflammation.

*Improves circulation, promotes healing of tissues and better overall appearance.

*Encourages profound relaxation and can relieve headache, anxiety and insomnia.

*Raises immune efficiency for stronger resistance to common ailments.

*Constrictions and adhesions can be reduced or prevented and joint mobility increased.

*Compensates, in part, for a lack of exercise and muscular contraction due to injury, illness or age.

*Digestion, assimilation, and elimination are often improved.

*Renewed sense of confidence and control is experienced.

*Provides healthy and appropriate touch to those who lack contact with others.

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Benefits of Massage

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